Friday, February 22, 2013

Rictor Riolo Artist & Host of After Hours With Team Tazer!

Guest Post!
Host Rictor Riolo's Thoughts on the Team Tazer Matt Moneymaker Event: (Watch Below)

Tonight my dream Bigfoot dream come true. Well one of them at least, the one that doesn't involve Bart Cutino.  :-/

I was able to talk to Matt Moneymaker, the star of from Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot and president of the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization). I had originally wanted to interview him back when I was working with a blogradio host last summer and tried really hard to get him to do our show. No such luck. Then time goes by and I become 100% affiliated with a Bigfoot Facebook/multimedia group called Team Tazer and I created a webcast with my friends Bigfoot glass pendant making Tammy Murray and Team Tazer Zoologist Nadia Moore.  We would interview Tazer members who have had Bigfoot eyewitness accounts and our goal was to make the webcast like the TV show "The View", by making it conversational, fluid--- not rigid, for the fans BY THE FANS. Well thanks to our hard work, we are a success!

I could not have done it without my girls Tammy and Nadia and our bosses Michael Merchant and Ro Sahebi. Shawn Evidence has been a great contributor and help to us as well and we owe him a lot.  Our Tazer friends mean a lot to us and we consider everyone family. ♥Bart Cutino♥, Jeffrey Kelley, Steve Alcorn, Kathy Villareal, Dax Rushlow, Sally Petri, Christopher York, Phil Poling, Todd Hale, Lupe Mendoza, Damian Bravo, Kipp Morrill, Melissa Adair, Justin Smeja, Winona Alexis, just to name a few. If I leave your name out, please forgive me.

Well thanks to Sweet Sassy Glassy Tammy Murray, we were able to get Mr. Moneymaker on and make our webcast an event unlike any other. Thank you Tammy, you not only came through for me, but you came through for everyone here at Team Tazer.  As Ro Sahebi put it, "THIS WAS A FIRST!" We had 30 minutes to get ready! Tammy threw her makeup on, I texted Nadia "Call me right now!!!!! Matt Moneymaker is ready!" and I get the graphics and links prepared for Shawn's site... in that short time frame I was able to garner a few questions from our Tazer friends for the show.

Matt is a hard fish to catch. Bigfooting is a very intense, sometimes volatile group with many different opinions coming from all sorts of walks of life - that - at the end of the day - are able to come together, and share their tremendous passion for Bigfoot.  However, being Team Tazer, we will call people out on their shit. People that threaten others, lie, hoax, discredit, and ruin any chance of Bigfoot being truly recognized by science. As Tazer members we ask questions. We are naturally skeptical. We take people on their word (like Justin Smeja) until they are shown to be hoaxers or liars. Your word is golden. If you say you are going to do something, you better do it. Well Matt Moneymaker gave Tammy his word to do our show... and he did. Matt is gold to us. He did not have to do our show. He could have canceled due to traffic. He could have done Coast to Coast AM if he wanted.  We are small time here.  We are not high end broadcasters. We make Bigfoot content to entertain and have fun with the subject.  Our Tazer audience is over 700.  And yet he took the time to do our little show.
So the show starts and we are about to go live when we notice we are unable to call Matt Moneymaker from our Google+ hangout. That function is only available for private hangouts, not webcasts that are broadcast on air/live. What do we do? It is now 6:25 and Matt is waiting for our call... so I pull out my iPhone and call him using the speaker phone function and we get the show going. It isn't high tech, and wasn't the best in audio quality but the show must go on! Right? So we made do. Matt was originally going to give us 20 minutes.  He gave us 90 minutes!

 I said in the interview that he is the voice of our Bigfoot generation!  He takes Bigfooting seriously and is the backbone of every serious researcher out there.  It is because of him that Sasquatch be taken seriously and not by some do it yourself DNA Kit researcher, or an attention starved socially retarded hoaxer.  He is the real deal folks. He gave us the BFRO and it's invaluable database of sightings.  There are a lot of egos out there in Bigfooting and even though some say he may have one, he deserves to have one. He has done more for Bigfooting than you or I.  Aside from the BFRO website and expeditions, he is educating people that are not researchers with his show Finding Bigfoot. He is literally the voice of Bigfooting. Go ahead, call me an ass kisser, this is just my opinion. And if you call me an ass kisser, say it right. I'm a reach-around kinda guy.

(Photo: Neo Edwards)
 Seriously, we do not kiss ass at Team Tazer. Instead we usually smack it or spank it.  And then hold it out for the world to see just what an ass you are.  Tazer isn't well liked for a lot of reasons. I know for one reason it's because we ask the hard questions. We don't hold back.  Matt answered every question we asked.  From the Erickson footage of Matilda, to Ketchum's DNA three-ring circus, to hoaxers, theories on eye shine, Bigfoot behavior, and so much more.  We owe him a lot.  I owe him a thank you.  I also owe him a nice drawing because as you all know, I have drawn him in so many ways... some funny and some naughty.  

Matt is my Bigfoot hero tonight and he should be yours as well.  He isn't in it for fame and fortune, he is in it for the legitimate acknowledgment of the species.  And tonight he showed that and hopefully you were able to get that from him as well.  I know I did.   Rictor Riolo

 And don't miss Episode 3 with Finding Bigfoot's Cliff Barackman!

 Thanks Rictor and Tammy!!!

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