Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Bigfoot Blues", Or What I am Reading Right Now!

Well I am finally taking a break from all the painting, tiling and tenant reclamation/rehab work I have been doing on my house that I vacated 7 years ago, and moved back to on the 8th, as the Real Estate market is rapidly rising again in Sacramento so it looks like I am back in the "Flipping" Biz that the bubble burst of 2005 had put on hold!  What am I doing on this "break" you may ask?  Why reading about Bigfoot of course!

Written by Pamela Foster, who was born and raised in Humboldt County and therefore knows about all things Bigfoot and all aspects of the local culture, "Bigfoot Blues" is the story of Samantha, the daughter of a crusty lifelong "Bigfooter", who was raised in the neighborhood Bar chock full of the numerous colorful locals, and who finds herself on the adventure of a lifetime during which she also unearths her authentic self and the key to love and happiness.  I was hooked from chapter one, and kicked myself for starting it right before I had to head out for the evening! But once home I barely put it down until I finished it a day and a half later.  I can also say that it was high-jacked off my nightstand by a non-Bigfooter who read it all in less than a day, and who loved every second of it, so it's allure is definitely not confined to just the Bigfooting crowd.  

Watch the Trailer Here:

Thank you so much for the signed copies of both your Books Pamela!  I have greatly enjoyed conversing with you and hope to meet you in person this May at the Old Town Eureka Arts Alive Event where you will be signing copies at Cafe Nooner!  Click these links to read more about "Bigfoot Blues" and it's wonderful Author Pamela Foster and make sure you check out her other book Redneck Goddess as well!

See my Amazon Review for more. 


  1. I am delighted you're enjoying the book and am happy that I might get to meeting you in person in May at Arts Alive!
    Thanks, Nadia.

  2. I've read Ms. Foster's book, and can assure you, you will definitely not want to put it down. Few people are as gifted in developing characters and a sense of place so real, you'll feel you're right smack dab in the middle of the story.