Monday, March 4, 2013

Bigfoot Or B.S.?

The Scientific Journal Of Failure
Well I don't know about the rest of you out there, but as a result of the Ketchum "Study" delivering the death knell on Bigfoot being taken seriously in the Scientific Community and the non-Bigfoot believing population in general, I feel like I am done even trying.  If Dr. Sykes fails to have success coming up with anything unequivocally verifiable and replicable by other legitimate scientists, because that is how peer review is supposed to work dear people, then I am afraid there never will be the kind of proof we need in order to be taken seriously.  Yes there is always the slight chance that a body might be obtained some day, by accidental means or happenstance hopefully, because I certainly am not a proponent of killing one just so we can study them, but since that has not happened historically I am fairly dubious it is going to happen now.  

Will 2013 be "The Year Of The Bigfoot"?  Probably not, just as 2012, 2011, 2010,..... were not.  But if Sykes does hit a home run and deliver the goods then I guess we are going to be dealing with a whole new ball game.  Until then I have grown weary of the pictures of blobs, the transparent hoaxers and liars, the egos and posturing, and most especially those who want to continue believing in something that has clearly failed, in the face of all the facts that it has clearly failed, and are now ludicrously insisting that those of us who understand that it has clearly failed are the ones who have closed our minds and are not "facing reality".  Good luck with that mentality in the real world. The realilty is that there is no data backing up anything Ketchum is claiming.  All she produced after 5 years of taking other peoples hard earned samples and money were a few small sections of mixed up snippets from known species. The entire genomes of 3 individual members of a novel species?  Where is that Dr. Ketchum?  If it exists please do share........
Or Will It?
So yes some of you may have noticed that I have shut down my Facebook account, I am enjoying the peace and quiet and drama free existence out here in the real world right now.  Well if not drama-free then at least it is real drama and not the never ending round of misunderstood meanings and words and hurt feelings and bruised egos of the cyber world.  I am starting some exciting new projects out here including finishing up the classes I have been taking, a new job and a move back to the Davis/Sacramento area that I consider home. So for right now I have no plans to reactivate my Facebook.  Maybe in a few weeks or months I may, it all depends on how I feel and what I want to do.  So to those of you in the Cyber Bigfoot World who I do consider real and true friends, take care and I will pop in once in awhile to say hi.  Keep on fighting the good fight for truth and reality in Bigfoot research, but only do so if YOU are enjoying yourself and getting something out of it.  Because once you no longer are it is not worth the effort. If you need to contact me you can do so here.

There will always be those who just want to deny or accuse or dismiss the facts in favor of whatever their fantastical belief of the moment is, and for whatever motivation they have for holding onto that belief.  Facts are facts despite someone's belief otherwise.  Beliefs are fine, as long as the person who holds them is not expecting others to accept them as irrefutable reality, with no actual proof or data to back them up.  Once a person starts expecting that, and dictating that anyone who questions those beliefs or asks for proof of them is "being disrespectful and must be shut down", then all you have is a cult.  A cult of belief that will not accept any fact that disputes that belief, and will dismiss any evidence to the contrary as part of the "conspiracy of the closed minded big brother establishment".  That is the argument of people with no data to back up their claims.  That is the argument of those not dealing with reality in the real world.  Belief is fine as long as you acknowledge that it is your own personal paradigm that makes you feel happy, but don't try to force others to go along with it or attack them for having proof that your particular belief is flawed.

I am an open minded person.  In fact I think it is entirely possible that the creatures we call Bigfoot, whatever they are, could have abilities and senses that we currently have no understanding of.  I am most fascinated by this possibility and it is one of the reasons I became interested in this mystery.  I find a lot of the stories from people who have experienced these unexplainable phenomena very believable.  I BELIEVE that they believe what they experienced really happened.  But my belief and their belief can not be considered proof or evidence at this time.  Those experiences and stories should be collected and documented however because at some time in the future we may be able to understand and explain them.  Everything in the Universe has an explanation, even if we do not understand what that is at the moment.  But none of that changes the facts that the Ketchum Study failed, and failed in all the worst ways.  It was never a transparent or above board process, but was mired in misinformation, lies and subterfuge if you honestly look at the history of the last 5 years.  It failed to adhere to the principals of real science and when advised how to do so by those reviewing it, it failed to realign itself within those principles despite have many years to do so.  It was clearly driven by the agenda and egos of two less than qualified or objective members of the community, whose goals as evidenced by the back-story of websites set in place before any scientific findings had even been found, was to propel their personal beliefs and to profit from that belief.

So until something worth discussing manages to surface in the Bigfoot world I will be doing the thing that I actually enjoy about Bigfooting, getting out into the beauty of nature with friends and fellow researchers and trying to figure something out for myself.  If I do figure anything out I will be sure to let you all know, but I guarantee that I will not be making any claims of indisputable fact about it unless I have the data to back it up !Until that time all we can do is to share and document our anecdotal "evidence" in the hopes that it will someday lead to our actual understanding of what this great mystery is all about.  Because in the end it is that mystery that brought us all here in the first place! 

I am not interested in "hits" or "views" or making money from Bigfoot.  I am interested in the truth. The truth is out there, whatever that truth may be....................

In Search Of The Truth


  1. Nadia, well all need to take a breather once in awhile. You are a very valuable member of the BF community. I hope you'll be back. Until then, enjoy the time off and get refreshed.

    1. Thank you for your kind words "Glenn" ;) I am feeling much better, and hope to be back on Facebook, if not actively participating in groups, in about a week, once the move is over and I have gotten completely out of my current place. Things are looking very positive for me in the new location!!!

  2. Sorry not to see you on fb anymore. Good luck with your new job the move 'home'. If you are ever in Europe try and visit me Debby

  3. Thanks Debby! I am sure I will be back on Facebook soon! Just need to get things squared away and the move all finished! I am looking forward to some remodeling projects now that I will be back in my own house. Sometimes a bad situation, tenant damage, can turn into a good thing like having my kitchen refaced at their expense :)