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The Lemurians Hath Spoken To Me!  

Sayeth the Lemurs:  

And the Nephilim descended upon the earth, and it came to pass that they saw that those called the lemurs possesseth really Big Feet, and they were impressed beyond all previously experienced heights of impressedness, as their own feet were diminutive, and they declared that this was good, and vowed that they would obtain these large feet through any means possible...

Ring-Tailed Lemurs

And in their desireth to cover up their covetousness for large appendages, they introdusethed some mtDNA to cover their previously small tracks, and so it came to be 15,000 years later on the earth that is flat, and which is revolvethed by the sun, that a new race of PEOPLE was deemed worthy of their Constitutional Rights. Hallelujah!"

Why Do Lemurs Live In Madagascar?
And then Prophet SasquatchScoop divulged Missing chapter 411 verses 15 through 20:

 "15 And it came to pass, as the Sasquatch were gone away from them into the forest, the Ketchumites said one to another, Let us now go even unto Nacogdoches, and see this thing which is come to pass, which Melba hath made known unto us.

16 And they came with haste, and found Melba, and David, and the DNA Study published in a pseudo journal.

17 And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this study.

18 And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by Melba.

19 But Melba kept all these things, and petitioned the government.

20 And the Ketchumites returned, glorifying and praising Melba for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them."

And thusly The Church Of We Don't Need No Real Science was formed atop the shifting sands traversed by the Ostriches of wishful thinking, the Ketchumites! 

Praise Pseudoscience!

Prophet SasquatchScoop: Praise Melba!!

But in all seriousness folks, the Lemurs are THE most endangered Primate.  If you would like to support a creature truly in need of protection and habitat restoration please go here, learn more, and make a Donation if you are able: Lemurs Are The Most Threatened Mammals In The World: 
Most Threatened Mammals

The Lemur is a native of Madagascar. They are also found at Comoro Islands.

The word Lemur is Latin and means spirits of the night. 

There are many legends throughout cultures that talk about the Lemurs being active at night. They are nocturnal.

Lemurs are a type of primate known Prosimians. This means ape! They are considered to be the type of primate at the highest risk of extinction.

There are many different species of Lemurs. They include the Alatron Gentle Lemur, Aye- Aye Lemur, the  Indri Lemur, Black and White Ruffled Lemur, Red Ruffled Lemur, and the Ring Tailed Lemur.

The smallest species of Lemur weights about 10 grams.

The tail is often longer than the body.

They have opposing thumbs. They also have long toes. They use them for climbing and for holding on. They don’t have claws either. Instead they have nails.

They don’t see very well in color but they do have good vision overall.

Most Lemurs live all their life in trees. However, many of the larger species also live on the ground.

It isn’t unreasonable to see some species of Lemurs active during the day.

The Lemurs are very social and the live in family groups.

Females have dominance over the male Lemurs.

The approximate life span of a Lemur in the wild is about 18 years.

Several species of Lemurs are currently at risk of being extinct in the near future. Even with conservation efforts there continues to be serious barriers to protecting them.
Lemur Pictures

5-4-13 ADDENDUM:

My response to a recent accusation that I was "Closed Minded":

Knowledge Tree
I have seen things that many people have not seen and/or don't believe to be true. That does not mean I expect others to believe me 100% without any kind of evidence or scientific proof.  My mind is very open and hopefully one day the further understanding of things involving Quantum Mechanics and other branches of Physics and Science will help us know many more facts about the world around us and what is really possible and based on reality.

I also know that many people experience many things that are purely subjective or spiritual experiences, and no one person's perception of reality is the same as that of anyone else's.  Because of this we need to rely on the Scientific Process to weed out what is based on Universal Scientific Law and is therefore repeatable and shown to be true and fact based, from that which is just an interesting possibility but which can't be repeated so can't be proven in any way. Science leads to new information which can be used to clarify and substantiate many things that in the past were thought to be false or were not known.  It is a continuing process that builds upon itself.

There are many possibilities out there that are interesting to read about or chase after, but I chose to spend my limited time and energy on those that I can actually have some hope of collecting evidence for, and in turn proof that they are real. 

Currently Bigfoot fits that criteria perfectly!  

The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers


  1. Dear Nadia Moore,

    Looking for someplace/someone with whom to share an idea of narrowing the search grid. It would take an hour or two for me to formulate the idea on paper. I appreciate your science background, but not sure if I write something here if it will ever be read.

    let me know if you see this post, and if you would be interested to hear my suggestions, and if you have an email address so I don't have to blog. (my background is in engineering, with some basic ideas of statistics.)

    Thanks and best regards.

    (aka Troy McGarrigle)

    1. Sorry I have been so long getting back to you hoodiesquatch! I took a little break from Bigfoot that turned into a LONG break. Still busy on some non-Bigfoot related projects, but I hope to be back to this topic after Labor Day. I will contact you then if you would till like to discuss anything in person.


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