Thursday, March 5, 2015

April 5, 2015

Howdy Friends, just a quick update:

You all have probably noticed that I have not contributed here much lately. This is due to a couple of factors:  Not much of real substance happening in the world of Bigfoot Research lately; the increasing demands of my personal life, including my recent move back home to San Diego to help take care of my Dad after my Step-Mothers sudden passing last year from cancer; and my diminishing belief that there will ever be any actual scientific evidence, i.e. DNA, of a resident population of undocumented North American Hominid, because there most likely isn't actually any flesh and blood population of North American Hominid to draw this from. 

You may ask, what about all the witness accounts, the overwhelming amount of corroborating physical descriptions from these encounters, the foot print analysis and hair samples of unknown origin?  Do I no longer believe the stories of the many friends I have met over the last 5 years who have experienced this phenomena for themselves?  Well let's just say that for those of you whom I have met in person, and grown to know and trust, YES I believe you when you tell me what you have witnessed.  I believe the shock and awe you felt during and after your encounter's. I believe the change this made to your world paradigm, and how that change has led you to the unrelenting pursuit of what these creatures you witnessed really are.  Some of you are pursuing data collection for proof or protection, others the spiritual fulfillment that you believe interacting with these creatures can bring, and for many it is the need to experience again what it was that you saw. But at this time, whatever it is that you witnessed and encountered, I can honestly say that I no longer believe it qualifies for the pursuit of scientific  biological analysis.  At least in the current state of scientific understanding as it exists today.

I do hope I am wrong, but as it stands right now, I can't help but believe that whatever this mysterious phenomena is that we call "Bigfoot" it will go on being an unsolvable conundrum for the generations to follow. And perhaps that is how it is supposed to be.........

I will however be posting here from time to time, in the vein of my "On My Mind Right Now" page, to make note of things I feel are legitimately important to the pursuit of truth in this matter:

April 5, 2015

My thoughts on Professor Sykes sudden seaming claim that the ubiquitous "Zana" may now in fact be an example of an actual Yeti: "Russian 'apewoman' could have been a yeti, according to DNA tests"  

You know, AFTER, his recently discredited claim that he had discovered a new hybrid species of bear in the Himalayas, and that it was most likely responsible for all those centuries of stories and sightings of something unbear-like, and AFTER he dismissed Zana as 100% human in his recent Icon Films debacle of a "documentary" (I unfortunately played a small role in the production of that "documentary". You can read my thoughts about it HERE........) 

Looks like I am not the only one who now has serious doubts about the Scientific Standing of Professor Sykes:

"A GENETICIST at Oxford University whose new book claims to offer “the first scientific evidence on the survival ” of apemen such as the yeti and Bigfoot, has been attacked by colleagues who say the claims are nonsense and his research institute does not exist."  More HERE:  Sykes' Reputation And His Yeti Project Get Slammed


March 5, 2015

Coming Soooooon.......
What Is A Visual Hallucination, And Could Bigfoot Be An Illusion? 
Separating Fact From The Matrix Of The Mind
Stay Tuned............
I actually had someone take the picture above, after I had posted it in a Facebook group, gray out the captions and then claim there was an ACTUAL Bigfoot visible inside the YELLOW circle in another Facebook group 
I guess they thought that if they made the circle yellow, 
instead of red, it was valid..........

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