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Whitney Stage Station above French Gulch, CA
Like many current researchers in the Bigfoot world I have been fascinated by the unknown, scary, and unexplainable since I was around 8 years old.  I spent much of my childhood reading every book on ghosts, UFO's and Bigfoot that I could find.  But it was not until I moved to a remote ranch in Northern California during High School that I really began to believe that some of what those topics encompassed could actually be true.  During the 3 years I lived there I experienced many strange things, the ranch, seven miles above French Gulch, was after all built on an old stage coach stop, with many of those original buildings still remaining, and was also rumored to have once been the site of an "Indian Village".  Many of the things I and the other residents there encountered were commonly explained away as being a result of the "ghosts" of 19th century pioneers who still roamed the buildings, or the angry Natives who did not like us building on top of their old home. 
French Gulch

It was not until years later, when I happened upon the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization web site, and their collection of excellent Witness Reports, that I began to realize much of what we were experiencing was typical "Class B" Bigfoot behavior: Rock throwing on our cabins in the middle of the night; hearing something following us but remaining out of sight; feelings of being watched and needing to leave the area.  But there was one experience that stood out from all the rest, which we had mostly just dismissed as the restless "ghosts".   This one was different.  One night in late summer or early fall my boyfriend, his room mate, and I hiked about 80-120 feet up the forested mountain side behind one of the buildings on the ranch to sneak a smoke.  It was very warm and dry, with leaves and brush on top of dusty dirt.  We had just sat down and exactly as my boyfriend lit his lighter something huge and very unhappy rose up and came crashing and rumbling towards us from about 10-15 feet behind.  All 3 of us jumped up and ran for our lives as fast as we could down that hill, not daring to stop or look behind to see what it was.  We crashed through the back door, which was fortunately unlocked, and slammed and bolted it behind us.  The window in that door had been boarded up so we could not see out at what could possibly be on the other side, and actually we did not want to see or know, as we all 3 felt sure it was not a bear.  It did not huff or snort, and I don't think a bear would have remained that close to us in silence as we headed up that hill, only waiting to make its move at the sparking of the lighter.  After that we all decided that Bigfoot is not a fan of fire, and who can blame them LOL!  Since that night I have always wanted to know more, and after spending 3 years studying the historical records and researching the experiences of witnesses past and present I have been lucky enough to get to meet and spend time with some other great Researchers of this ongoing mystery.  And yes I have had a few other experiences/encounters during that time which have just made me anxious to know more! 

Here is a very intense witness report from the BFRO site that takes place on the very same ranch that my experience happened, only years earlier:  Report 26381

Trinity Mountains
Another result of my time living up in the Trinity Mountains was the acquisition of my love of Nature and the out of doors.  I had always loved animals, but spending the years living in primitive surroundings in the midst of that great forest convinced me that how I spent the the rest of my life would have to involve animals and nature in some way.  So here I am years later a Zoologist with a Masters Degree in Avian Sciences as the result of my stint managing a pet store in the years directly after High School, and falling in love working with the parrots there.  I was originally planing on attending Vet school, but by the time I started college in my mid 20's and spent 8 years working my way to my M.S. degree I no longer had that desire.  I was lucky though to qualify for the work study program at U.C. Davis, and worked in the research lab of the Dean of the Vet School for 3 years as an undergraduate, where I learned the laboratory skills that eventually led me into the field of Biotechnology where I work today. 
High School Days
Trinity Mountains CA

More about my current work and interest in Bigfoot to come, and how I would like this page to help dispel much of the misinformation and misunderstanding about the important place Science can play in our research today.

Historical Landmark


  1. I was truly taken back after reading your bio. From watching you on After Hours and other interviews, I could instantly tell you are smarter than most, a sense for the interesting and beautiful to match. Reading your encounter and knowing you can tell whats going on in the animal world, really blew me away and gave me chills. On a side note, besides having an interest in the occultish aspects of the world, I find the birds to be the most fascinating species out there. If you and any of your crew make your way down to Louisiana for some Squatching, there are some dedicated researchers working hard down here. Feel free to reach out anytime. Thank you, Brad C.

  2. Dear Brad C.,

    Thank you so much for your kind compliment and thoughts on our feathered fellow inhabitants of this beautiful world. I find them to be most fascinating myself, which is why I share my home with a couple of chortling, vibrant green, dinosaur descendants from the Amazon :)

    I'm glad to know there are people looking into this topic down in Louisiana, and if I ever do make it that far south I will be sure to look you up.