7-27-14 All New Expedition Slide Shows

Some pictures from Events and Expeditions I have attended over the last few years.  I hope to have my impressions written up about some of these trips in the future as time allows, but until then please enjoy these slide shows.  Update!!!  The newer slideshows have music but it does not seem to play unless you click on the YouTube link and go there to watch!!!!  (PS if you can't get a video to work click on the YouTube Icon that appears when you hover over the video with your mouse)

June 2014
Sierra Site Expedition with Adam Davies (Pronounced Davis 😏):
Enjoy the scenery from my Trip to the Tahoe National Forest amongst other locations with International Cryptozoologist Adam Davies.  We started out by meeting up to BBQ with members of the Bigfoot Community Facebook Group who were on their way to Bluff Creek for the week!  Then Adam got to meet Justin Smeja and check out the site of his encounter, as well as Bart Cutino who gave him the inside scoop of why, where, and how his thermal footage was shot. Then we headed over to the Middle Fork of the American River so Adam could hook up with a film crew from the Discovery Network for an upcoming episode of "The Unexplained Files" on the Science Channel.  Lastly we did some sightseeing around Sacramento, the State Capitol of California, where we met up with Kipp Morrell of the Squatchers Lounge Facebook Group for a late lunch.

January 2013 
Expedition to the Del Norte Redwoods California State Park:  Bart Cutino, Robert Leiterman, Ro Sahebi, Kirk Brandenburg, Kipp Morrill, Rowdy Kelley and Moi venture into a part of the park that had been closed to the public for 8 years.  It was cold, in the low 20's, it was wet, it was muddy but the scenery was gorgeous and we had a great time despite not one sign of deer or bear let alone anything with Bigger Feet.......

July 2013
The Finding Bigfoot TV Show Meet and Greet at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum was a GREAT SUCCESS!  Matt Moneymaker, Renae Holland, Cliff Barackman & James (Bobo) Fay were all there from 4 to almost 7pm and worked non-stop signing autographs and chatting with all their fans!  Their line of supporters wound around the Museum the whole time and probably would have gone on all night if we had let it.   We sold out of BBQ 2X and everyone in attendance had a great time! 

Read more about it and enjoy more pictures of your favorite Animal Planet Stars at the Discovering Bigfoot Blog

And watch the Live "After Hours With Rictor Show" filmed live during the Finding Bigfoot Museum Event here: 

June 2013
The Filming of Justin Smeja with Professor Bryan Sykes, and my SUV ha ha, for what turned out to be ICON Films' debacle of a Documentary. Read all about my opinion of this Documentary "BIGFOOT: THE NEW EVIDENCE" here: WILL ICON FILMS EDIT OUT THE LIES FOR NAT GEO TONIGHT?

October 20th, 2012
Bigfoot Discovery Day V: took place at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton California.  If you missed Bigfoot Discovery Day V Saturday October 20th in Felton California please enjoy the event pictures and video of the Round Table Discussion with Mike Rugg, Kathy Strain (Anthropologist and author of Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture), Dr. Jeff Meldrum (The Relict Hominoid Inquiry | Idaho State University), Bill Munns (Film and Costume Expert), Daniel Perez (The Bigfoot Times), and Bart Cutino (Sierras Evidence Initiative) Here: Discovering Bigfoot Blog:  

AND a little tipsy singing around the post conference campfire, OK VERY tipsy singing....:

August 2012
Tahoe National Forest:
Trip to the Justin Smeja Sierra Site for the Filming of Ro Sahebi's "Dead Bigfoot".

(Trackway Investigation Video coming Soon)

July 2012
BFRO Cascades, WA:
I was lucky enough to get invited along on the BFRO Big Tire Expedition by a WA BFRO friend of mine (you get a prize if you can guess who!), and met some awesome new friends and had a great time in a beautiful location!  Boy were we amazed when the rain and fog cleared on our second day there to see the Magnificence of Mount Adams looming right over our tents!  And hanging out on top of the Quarry on our last night during the "Women's Satellite Camp" was one of the highlights.  I have met some friends for life and can't wait to get back to WA this summer!

July 2012 
Backpacking with Tyler Bounds:
How I got to spend my week after the August 2012 Olympic Project get together was epic.  Rafting, Backpacking and being lost, well just for a little while, with Tyler Bounds and his friends Nate and Chloe in the Cascade Mountains! Please enjoy the beautiful scenery in one of the most breathtaking places on earth!

July 2012
Olympic Project Get Together, WA:  I had signed up for one of Derek Randles' Olympic Project Expeditions as soon as they were announced in January of 2012, but due to permitting issues he had to cancel them until this year.  But I got to meet him at the Primal People Conference in May and he invited all of us who were originally going to be on his May Expedition to come hang out at one of his upcoming get togethers anyway!  I got to do this the second weekend of July and was the first one to show up after Derek, ha ha!  I promptly set my tent up at the top of the property next to the tree line of the Olympic National Park and adjacent to the horse corral, as Derek had suggested that "they" might visit to see if  horses were present. Also there was shade at this spot and WA was in the midst of a rare heat wave with temperatures in the high 80's!  Some of the highlights were getting to meet Cliff Barackman and my hero Dr. Bindernagel for the first time, as well as camping "remotely" with new girlfriends Eryn and Aaron who were so much fun!  I had a great time hanging out at the campfires sharing stories and singing with: Bob Gimlin, Mr. & Mrs. Bindernagel, Bobo, Cliff, Tyler B., Nate, Kathleen, Paul Graves, Derek, Everette, Chloe, Walt P., Aaron, Eryn and her dad Don, and so many others their names won't all fit!  I don't think I have laughed so hard ever as when Eryn described how her father fell into a Mountain Beaver hole on their last expedition and just patiently lay there waiting until someone came along to pull him out despite having a walkie.  He did not want to alarm anyone, ha ha! 

May 2012
Primal People Conference, WA:  Getting to meet, hear speak, and hang out with some of the people of Bigfoot whom I have admired for years, not to mention so many Facebook "Friends" who have stood by me through everything was nothing short of EPIC!  Ask anyone who was lucky enough to attend and I am sure they will agree it was one of the best experiences of their lives!  I should have taken more pictures but I was busy filming almost everything!  Stay tuned for slide shows of the individual speakers and my thoughts on their presentations.  Every single one was fantastic and taught me something!

August 2011
BFRO Humboldt County, CA:  Had an awesome time in the magical woods of Humboldt County with some great people, not to mention camping on the beach!  Unfortunately I did not lug my big camera with me up the steep climb and into the woods at night, but I did get some great beach shots.  Some of the highlights: getting to hang out and know Joy Clay and Ben Chrisman of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization; having Matt Moneymaker get up at 5am to take us to a spot where he had an encounter and then hearing all his riveting stories as he treated us to breakfast at the Palm's Cafe; having Bobo show up and stampede some cows in the middle of a call blasting session on Bald Mountain Rd; absorbing the calm professionalism of Expedition Leader Bill B. while sitting in complete darkness in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles of woods, and the classes in animal vocalizations and tracks taught by Bill and Ranger Robert Leiterman respectively!

June 2011
Bluff Creek Film Site Project Success, CA:  Robert Leiterman, S.S. and I finally have success getting down to the P&G Film site!  We stop on our way up to Louse Camp and decide to head down in the late afternoon, despite a downed tree blocking the road a mile from the Rock Slide, making it a 2 mile hike down.  On the way down we hear a large crashing noise coming right at us, then a very small fawn jumps out of the brush and crosses the road within feet of us heading down towards the creek.  Right behind we see a black bear head pop up from behind a big log and it takes one look at us, and Robert making bear noises to scare it away, and we never see it again!  It was a heart stopping moment and I was most thankful to have Ranger Leiterman there to handle the situation!  We hike a ways east on the creek once we get to the bottom, and R.L. & S.S. reaffirm some areas that are not the film site and agree to look further on the next day.  After a long grueling hike back up the two miles to the trucks we make it to louse camp just as it got dark and a freak summer rain storm hit us hard.  The next day we decided to hike on the old overgrown Bluff Creek road above the creek to document that area, but my pictures of that are currently in the possession of someone who refuses to return them to me at this time. This was a grueling hike, as the road is so overgrown we had to bushwhack our way through most of it, so later, with the threat of more rain and a leaky tent, we decide to head back and do some sight seeing at Blue Lake on the way out.

May 2011
Bluff Creek Film Site Project Attempt, CA:  This time I head out with Robert Leiterman, C.I. and S.S. of the Bluff Creek Film Site Project to make the first attempt of the season to get in and film their research on the area.  We set up camp at a nearby lake, and then head up to the entry road the next morning, only to find we are still snowed out.  Robert Leiterman dons his snowshoes and hikes in, but the rest of us head back down and enjoy a hike in the warm sun above the creek down by Highway 96.  We hike up the old out of service Bluff Creek Rd. there to see if we can find any sign of the old creek bed before it re-routed itself in 1964, but did not see anything to indicate that event.  (Mid Klamath Tributary Creek Mouth Assessment.)  This campsite is where we heard the Barred Owl and the Spotted Owl fighting from clear across the lake, and 3 of us would have sworn that it was 2 VERY large primates if Ranger Leiterman had not been there to inform us otherwise.   

April 2011
Willow Creek & Bluff Creek, CA:  We again attempt to get to the film site on Bulff Creek but the snow has not receded enough, so we back track to the Bigfoot Scenic Highway and hike down to the creek under the bridge as it enters the Klamith River.

February 2011
Willow Creek & Bluff Creek, CA:    We head up to Bluff Creek to see how close we can get to the Patterson Gimlin Film Site, but are snowed out so do some sight seeing around Willow Creek instead.

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