Bigfoot Discovery Project Report Form

If you have had a sighting or experience in or near Santa Cruz County California that you believe is Bigfoot/Sasquatch related and would like to add it to our local encounter data base, or have a follow up investigation by one of our members, please use this form to submit your information. 

You can also talk to Mike Rugg or someone from the Bigfoot Discovery Project at the following number, 831-335-4478, but we would appreciate it if you could relay all your facts here so that we don't have to try to take them down by hand during a phone call or while investigating onsite. 

Your contact information will of course remain completely confidential,  and your report will not be added to the public data base if you do not wish it to be included.

Bigfoot Sighting or Evidence Reporting Form 


  1. Hey. Can you send me your contact email? I'm representing a sasquatch documentary that will be premiering next year and I'd like to relay you some information about it. Thanks.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      Sorry I just saw your comment, I haven't been online much lately. Were you trying to reach me or Mike Rugg at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton? You can reach Mike at 831-335-4478.

      Happy New Year!